We manufacture and custom build storm shelters. All steel, fully underground storm shelters. The safest type of storm shelter you can own. A steel storm shelter will give with ground shifts. Our storm shelters won't crack like fiberglass or concrete. The utmost in protection against tornadoes and severe weather. Our storm shelters are installed below the normal ground surface, "no humps." Our storm shelters are  the safest type of storm shelter you can get, even FEMA agrees! They can be used as survival  shelters or bunkers with your minor needed modifications. Proudly built in Central Arkansas. 

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Arkansans! Those that have bought shelters before June 30th 2015 can get a $1000 rebate. ADEM has cancelled further rebates. Must be filed by Jan. 29th. 2016

Interviewed twice on local TV channels!!

Full page write up in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette June 2011

Listed on the Preferred list for the ADEM State of Arkansas list of manufactures of storm shelters

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Email Us!

Why do we have folks drive hundreds of miles to pickup one of our shelters? Or shipped as far as Florida and Washington?
 Simple... Quality, Value, and Reputation.
Two new for 2015.... WY and MI

Have you REALLY looked over our wesite? Many questions are answered here. If so, please feel free to call.

Jim Garner, Owner. Cozy Caverns
Picture courtesy Ark. Democrat

Joplin, Misouri 2011 after the EF5

Q10. Does FEMA approve, endorse, or certify any products?

A10. No. Federal policy does not allow FEMA to approve, endorse, certify, or recommend any products. While a product may be in compliance with FEMA design guidance, any language from manufacturers stating their product is "FEMA approved" or "FEMA certified" is incorrect.

135 Parris Lane Austin Arkansas 72007
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Cozy Caverns is a BBB Accredited Storm Shelter in Austin, AR
Cozy Caverns is a BBB Accredited Storm Shelter in Austin, AR
Shown by appointment only.

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Fantastic video of an EF5 damage to which our shelter saved 14 people!

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Handcrafted quality, Built one at a time. Since 1999

I don't know if there were any above ground saferooms in this subdivision but, all you could see after, was our shelter and slabs. Not even plumbing. Wiped clean. A REAL test of a shelter and we Ace'd it.

Hiroshima, Japan 1945 after the Atom Bomb