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​​​​​​We manufacture custom-built storm shelters. All steel, fully underground storm shelters. The safest type of storm shelter you can own. A steel storm shelter will give with ground shifts. Our storm shelters won't crack like fiberglass or concrete. The utmost in protection against tornadoes, severe weather, and your emergency needs. Our storm shelters are installed below the normal ground surface, "no humps." Our storm shelters are the safest type of storm shelter you can get, safer than a safe room, even FEMA agrees! They can also be used as survival shelters... doomsday type bunkers,  Wildfire protection, with your minor needed modifications. 

Proudly built in Central Arkansas. 

Great idea! No running in the weather and won't take up the room a safe room will. Plus much safer! Just let us know as far as possible when you order. Sometimes we can be months back logged. Better to order early and have it set rather than order when we are months behind. We do try to "bump up" those, if possible... But we can only bump up so many before someone gets upset. We cannot also not set a certain date your shelter will be done much in advance. Things happen... Equipment problems, shortage of materials, excess humidity or heat. All these are factors. Understand these are not assembly line made, but hand crafted one at a time. Bottom line... Order early! We don't want anyone upset with us.

​​​What type of protection are you looking for?  You can just use abc@123.com if you don't want to use your real email address. .

135 Parris Lane Austin, Arkansas 72007 (501)920-7460

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​​The NEW tornado alley map 2020.

EF5 proven safe!


We offer only the best shelters for the worst weather

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We are proud to be on the preferred  list of storm shelter providers by the State of Arkansas and now the State of  Mississippi.


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WARNING! Many companies are stating "FEMA Approved". This is FALSE advertising.

Below is directly from the FEMA website.

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Why do we have customers drive hundreds of miles to buy from Us? Simple.... Quality, Value, and Reputation. We've also shipped Nation wide.

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Proud to listed by the State of Arkansas and now Mississippi as preferred storm shelter companies.

Our shelters have now been proven to withstand a direct EF5 hit!!

Not just wind tested in a lab.
To be truly safe, don't choose convenience over safety!! 
People have been killed in above ground. Underground is safest type.
 Even FEMA and NWS agrees.

Q10. Does FEMA approve, endorse, or certify any products?

A10. No. Federal policy does not allow FEMA to approve, endorse, certify, or recommend any products. While a product may be in compliance with FEMA design guidance, any language from manufacturers stating their product is "FEMA approved" or "FEMA certified" is incorrect.

This is the reason we don't offer anything above ground.

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One of our shelters was in the direct path of the EF5 that hit Vilonia, Arkansas a few years back.
Three Families were spared in our shelter that night.

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Handcrafted quality, one at a time. Overbuilt Since 1999

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