Left is our emergency jack option. Rather than the side wall mount. You store it under the benches till needed then mounts into brackets in the center of the third step. It took up no room this way and gives about six inches more lift.

To the right is our hill side model.

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This shows two corner shelves, extra electric couplers, and hooks and hinges for bunk beds.

Our long rear shelf option. 3 max. as shown

This is the flush mount option.  It's only used for flush,  in-slab installs in new construction. Being flush, it must have a roof above it. 

This is our extra depth option. Plus 12"  This does not change the head room which all are about 6'4".

Option Pictures

This is of the back wall. Rather than having a turbine, We can install these about anywhere. They extend out from the shelter about 6" so you can attach PVC and run as needed. Mostly used in under slab installs. We refer to them as "vent nipples"


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