Deposits are:

5x6      $2330

6x8      $2770

6x10    $2930

6x12    $3650

Emergency Jack $275
Long rear shelf $125
Corner shelf $35
Extra 12" depth $400
12ga door $250 (14 STD)
Extra coupler $20
Hooks/hinges for bunk$50
Corner Shelf $35
Extra Turban $175 (std depth)
Flush mount frame $250
Extra staircase $900 (std depth)
* Required


Good advice. :)

Please click "Submit"  Then mail your deposit to the address above.  We must have the deposit before it gets started. Note: shelters are built in order deposits are received. 

Hand crafted quality is what you want for your Family and dollar. Only the best. That's why we take the time, going the extra mile. We pride ourselves on the workmanship of every shelter we produce,  Just if we were making one for our Family.

Please mail to our office address:

505 Triple J Dr. Lonoke, AR 72086.

A personnel check is welcome on deposits.

Sorry, We can't accept credit/debit cards But, We can arrange for wire transfers if you prefer.

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