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Why do we list our prices when others don't?

Some companies change the're prices when disaster strikes. That's gouging. We're "up-front" and will never take advantage of people in need. We also have kept our prices the same for ten years now.

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Unlike some companies, We don't require you to let  us install. Feel free to bring a 16' trailer and take it home. About 70% of our customers do just that. We do offer installation, call or email for price

We can also help you out with getting it delivered to your door. Well, not right to your door step. Right now, there is a company that charges $1.70 per mile one way from zip 72023.

If you going to pick one up your self, on the 6x8 or larger, you'll need a 16' tandem trailer with at least a  6'8" inside width. Bring at least two 25' straps.

Sizes and Prices


Option  Prices

Note: This is how many they will seat, not hold. We've heard as many as 21 in our 6x8.

A few things we can't electric or plumbing. No toilets for the Gal's, no wet bars for the Guy's. All shelters come standard with one 1/2" female threaded coupling for electric.

We can't make them without benches, That's part of the structural support.

To help out even more, We offer two versions of our shelter.... Ready to bury, fully leak tested, painted and coated, turban, and anti-slip stair tape.

Then we offer a do-it-yourself version for the handy and need to save a few dollars.  Built the same and still leak tested, they just need to be cleaned inside and out then painted. No turban but, we'll give you the anti-slip tape and provide instructions on it. Paint will run around $350 depending on size.

Note: We cannot just paint the outside. We've been asked.

These prices do not include delivery or installation. We can install anywhere in Arkansas which STARTS at $600.

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