Jim, just wanted to thank you so much. WE LOVE I! We got it in the ground a week ago and already used it once. Great shelter! The drive was worth it! (Lyndon. B. Tulsa, OK.)

Dear Jim, We want to let you know how happy we are with the new Cozy Caverns Safety Shelter. Your company did a first class job all though out. From the first time we contacted you to right up to the day it was installed with scientific precision. We also appreciated the time you took to answer all questions and that care was taken to not damage any of our new landscaping.  (Margrit, Lonoke, AR)

Cozy Caverns is a BBB Accredited Storm Shelter in Austin, AR

My name is James G., I purchased a 5x6 Storm Shelter from you back in March of 2012. I was and still am impressed and completely satisfied with my purchase of your shelter. I has been in the ground almost 4 years now and I  had no problems with it! It is as you advertise, a great quality product!!
(James G., Harrisburg, AR.)

Hey Jim! Thanks for your fine product. Made the trip down with no problem finding your place. I went by your directions & they worked! Sorry, I didn't get to meet you in person, but, I felt like I knew you anyway, just talking on the phone. Your welder's were gents & knew what they were doing, loading it on my new trailer. My FEMA man came out & verified everything & said I would be getting the full rebate allowed. The wife & me love it, & it is all set in the ground. "Thanks Again Jim" I think you make great safe shelter. (Brad, Greenbrier, AR)

My 6×10 Cozy Cavern is more than a tornado shelter! Here in California (and most of the west), getting an emergency fire shelter became a top priority for me after numerous devastating wildfires wiped out thousands of homes across the state. The design of the Cozy Cavern is well thought out and met 95% of what I was looking for including; steel construction, standing head room, arched roof and a staircase that is easy to descend especially with dogs. I can easily add the thing's I feel are needed to accomplish my goal of not dying in a potential wildfire. Jim was super easy to work with and took an active interest in making suggestions that would enhance the shelter for my specific purpose. Great quality build along with excellent customer service equals peace of mind in knowing that no corners were cut. Thank you Jim for making this purchase a trouble free experience!

(Don A.  Lakehead, CA)

Jim, just wanted to tell you.... the 10 hour drive was worth it!  You build great shelters and were $2,000 less than anyone I could find in a month of searching.
Big Thanks! (Scott, Vernon, TX)

Listed from oldest to newest.

My Husband and I did extensive Internet research on storm shelters following the terrible outbreak of tornadoes  that affected our area on April 27th, and your shelters are far superior to everything else out there. If you need a dealer in Tennessee, let us know!  (Susan k., Dyer, TN.)

Hey Neighbor,  Just wanted to let you know, you did a great job on our shelter. I know you just moved into the neighborhood and have put your customers first before installing your own. Feel free to come over anytime bad weather hits till you get your own in! Many thanks! (Joe, Lonoke, AR)

The best I have found for the money are Cozy Caverns in Arkansas. They have a 6x12 steel welded structure for under $5,000 if you paint it yourself, and it has an offset doorway hatch. You could build a small concrete above ground hat for the doorway, and I don't think you could do better.

 A write up in Guns America Digest. 2016


I just wanted to follow up with you as it's been over a year since we got our storm shelter. Its fantastic and we've had no issues. Last year we didn't have to  use it but this year we have twice. Both times the shelter worked great and is comforting to have a safe place to go. Plus you have been able to answer questions after the sale. That's service way beyond my expectation. Buying the storm shelter from you was a good decision.
(Corey P. Alexander, AR.)


Mr Garner, I hoped we'd never have to use our shelter but, the very next weekend, after installing it, tornadoes hit. We had 21 people and one dog in our shelter. We all felt so safe, I can never thank you enough! (Cindy, Berryville, AR)

I might have spent $100 on Diesel and drove six hours but, for the quality, it was worth it. Others  alittle closer were wanting $6,800 for a 6x8 for pickup. (K.J., Benton, LA)